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Ep #5: Growing a Restaurant Group with Michael Karp

Our guest this week is Michael Karp, the owner of Le Bon Temps Restaurant Group. With over 30 years of hospitality experience and a decade in restaurant ownership and design, Michael is the driving force behind LBT Restaurants. His extensive background is distinguished by his specialization in event management and the stewardship of a management company that oversees multiple dining establishments.

If you're looking to expand your restaurant brand, this is the episode for you. Known for his innovative approach and commitment to excellence, Michael has been instrumental in redefining the dining experience, establishing himself as a visionary leader in the restaurant industry, and he's here to show us the reality of growing a successful restaurant group.

Expanding a restaurant to multiple locations poses many challenges, from investment to ensuring consistency across all locations, especially accounting for varying concepts and vastly different teams. How does Michael manage these complex operations and ensure a solid and sustainable customer experience across an entire restaurant group? Tune in this week to find out.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why Michael decided to jump from corporate F&B and create his own restaurant group.

  • The steps it took for Michael to make a success out of his restaurant group.

  • How Michael decided to start Le Bon Temps after launching his first few restaurants.

  • The workings of LBT and how it manages and operates locations across the US.

  • How Michael builds and retains effective teams in his restaurant group.

  • The biggest challenges of expanding a restaurant concept from one location to multiple locations.

  • Michael's advice for starting the right restaurant in the right place.

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