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Ep #4: Building a Successful Restaurant Empire with Heritage Eats Founder Ben Koenig

Today, we're joined by a fantastic guest, Ben Koenig. Born Benedict Koenig IV, he is the co-founder of Heritage Eats, a globally-inspired multi-unit fast-casual concept in the acclaimed Napa Valley and surrounding Bay Area. Ben also owns Mothers Tacos, and he's the creative force behind Napa Valley Lobster Co. and several other innovative dining ventures. He also recently became an Ultramarathon runner.

Ben pivoted his career as a financial analyst for Goldman and Sachs in New York and decided to dive into hospitality, doing design and concept development while working for renowned chefs. Ben has the brain and background to understand what a complete food concept should look like, and what good business really is.

Ben dipped his toe in the restaurant industry in Napa, then went on a crazy journey, traveling to North Africa and through Asia, which is where the inspiration for Heritage Eats came from. Tune in this week to discover how Heritage Eats went from an idea to a successful concept restaurant, as well as how Ben chooses locations, hires staff, and what he loves about restaurant brokerage.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How Ben developed his passion for and immersed himself in the restaurant industry.

  • Ben's history of travel and how travel has fueled his vision at Heritage Eats.

  • How Ben's background in finance has primed him for running successful restaurants.

  • The valuable lessons you learn when you sink a bunch of money and decide to close up.

  • Ben's formula for finding the best restaurant location.

  • How Ben is building a team to take care of his latest restaurant venture.

  • Ben's experience with using agents when opening restaurants.

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