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Ep #1: Why You Need a Restaurant Broker

We're Patrick and Andy, and we're restaurant brokers… But what does a restaurant broker actually do, and why do you need one? We broker deals between buyers and sellers of restaurants, bars, and related real estate. Essentially, we're real estate agents for selling your business, not your home.

So what are the potential pitfalls and complications when selling a restaurant? How long does it take to sell a restaurant? How can you end up on the bad end of a deal when selling your restaurant? And how can a restaurant broker help you avoid painful and costly mistakes when you've decided to sell your business? We're answering these questions on today's show.

In our first episode, we share a streamlined introduction to the world of restaurant brokerage. We give you an overview of the potential stresses, hurdles, and deal-killers you might encounter while selling your restaurant, discuss our most memorable restaurant transactions, both good and bad, and you'll learn how we support our clients through all of it.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Who we are as restaurant brokers and what we actually do.

  • Why the restaurant industry needs brokers like us.

  • How we work with our clients to get them the best deals possible.

  • What we learned from our years buying and selling businesses in our days as restaurateurs.

  • Some of the things that can go wrong as an owner selling a restaurant.

  • The timeline of a restaurant sale and why this timeline has increased in the past decade.

  • How we protect our clients from unnecessary BS when brokering deals.

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