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Ep #2: Sustainability... Did You Say Upcycle? with Chef David Murphy and Kayla Abe

Today, we're joined by two special guests, Chef David Murphy, and Kayla Abe from Shuggie's Trash Pie + Natural Wine. Kayla Abe is devoted to environmental causes surrounding sustainability, awareness, and implementation, and she's an informed and passionate speaker. Chef David Murphy is a nationally recognized chef and a colorful personality.

David and Kayla have taken to upcycling foods in their San Francisco mission district brick-and-mortar: Shuggie's Trash Pie + Natural Wine, as well as their other business, Ugly Pickle Co. They're here to discuss sustainability and upcycling in the restaurant industry, and we have a ton of fun in the process.

Tune in this week to meet Kayla Abe and David Murphy, mission-driven entrepreneurs from Shuggie's Trash Pie + Natural Wine. They're walking us through their journey of buying a restaurant, the challenges they faced, and how they ultimately created something epic: a restaurant that upcycles food that would otherwise go to waste.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How Kayla and David first became passionate about sustainability when it comes to food.

  • Why food is an important environmental lever that can make a real difference.

  • How Shuggie's Trash Pie and Ugly Pickle Co. are tackling food waste by upcycling food.

  • The challenges Kayla and David faced in buying and opening their restaurant, including acquiring a liquor license.

  • David and Kayla's advice around raising funds, acquiring investors, and engaging contractors.

  • Why David and Kayla went without a broker for their first restaurant, but they will be using a restaurant broker for their next location.

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